FIRST AIRED: August 8, 2017

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>> Nothing goes better with summer than burgers. And small restaurant chain BurgerFi is putting a whole new spin on what used to be the classic beef-only option. The fast-food restaurant testing out a totally meat-free burger, which goes by the brand name Beyond Burger. And unlike tofu and other meat alternatives, this one cooks just like beef, brown on the outside and as red or pink on the inside as you like.
High-end restaurants are already serving plant-based burgers made by Beyond Burger competitors. But BurgerFi is the first mainstream fast-food chain to put it on the menu. I'm coming and getting this at one of these test locations here in New York. Now I have a quinoa burger, a plant-based burger, and a beef burger.
Now we already know what those two taste like. What you really wanna know is what this plant-based burger tastes like, so I'm going for the one in the middle. It looks like a real burger, look at the inside. Can't tell the difference. It's become such a hot seller, the burger's going on the menu nationwide at all of BurgerFi's 100-plus locations in September.
And healthy does not always have to mean expensive. A fully-loaded Beyond Burger costs less than nine bucks, comparable to the price of a meaty cheeseburger. CEO, Corey Winograd.>> Since we launched the product in early July, the reception has been incredible. The demand has far exceeded our expectations in this relatively short period of time.
But what's incredible about that is that we haven't even started with marketing support for this product, no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, no social media.>> Winograd might not want to say that too loud. Deep-pocketed competitors, like McDonald's, are always looking for the next big opportunity to steal a small rival's lunch.