FIRST AIRED: July 28, 2017

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>> It was just a few hundred tents in the desert when it opened five years ago. But now the Za’atari refugee camp is the fourth largest city in Jordan and home to 80,000 refugees who fled the bloody carnage of war in Syria. And that's just a fraction of the 1.3 million people estimated to have crossed the border in the last five years.
That influx has put a huge strain on education. Reuters photographer, Darrin Zummit Lupi, was at the camp last week.>> There's a huge need for more educational facilities over there. At the moment, kids are having to go to school in two shifts. From what I understood, it's like in the morning the boys go to school and in the afternoon the girls go to school.
So they need thousands more seats in schools, if you like. It was good to see Syrian teachers carrying on with their work over there. So you have the Syrian kids in school being taught by fellow refugees.>> There are other challenges. Harassment is rife in the camp, deterring many girls from going to class.
And then there's child labor. Save the Children says half of Syrian households in Jordan rely on income from a child. 14 year old Tarek fits in a full day of work before he goes to school in the afternoon.>>
> Last year Jordan allocated 50,000 public school places to Syrian children, and international donors have pledged to have all children in Jordan in formal education by this September, but less than half of those places have been taken up.
I get up and 4 AM and me and my friends head to work together. We finish work at 1 PM.>>
Many of Syria's children are still missing out on the most crucial years of their education.