FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2017

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>> Shelled, burned, and bullet pocked by years of fighting, Aleppo's old city lies in ruins. Once a popular tourist destination, restoring this piece of Syrian history will be an enormous task. Craftsman Mustafa al-Now remembers how it was before the war. And believes it can be returned to its former glory, despite the many craftsmen that have fled or been killed.
> We are training a new generation in free courses to make the rebuilding process quick. There must be more than ten trainees, if you have financial support from the government and donors. The old city will return in ten to 15 years, and it will be better than it was before.
>> The local representative for UNESCO says there are detailed plans for the old cities' great medieval mosques, suks, bathhouses, and citadel, so they can restore it exactly how it was. However, Reuters correspondent Angus McDowall points out that while that may be true of the most treasured monuments, whole districts of less celebrated alleyways and traditional houses that gave the Old City its character also lie in ruins.
>> This beautiful alleyway right here is one of the lucky few in this part of the old city of Aleppo. The destruction actually starts about 100 meters in that direction where the front line was. It's just a massive rubble, old buildings, new buildings all jumbled up together. You can see just behind me the beautiful, old, wooden bay windows intricately carved.
>> The success of this project largely hinges on residents returning home. Reviving this treasured city, one of the oldest in the Middle East, will also be an important symbol for Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.