FIRST AIRED: February 25, 2017

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>> These years we've been together, and now you finally have a President, finally.>> One year after skipping it all together, a triumphant President Donald Trump taking the stage Friday at the annual conservative extravaganza, CPAC. Addressing a crowd that until recently, didn't want too much to do with him, and still has some doubts.
But Trump delivering what they wanted.>> We're gonna build the wall. We're gonna repeal and replace Obama Care. One of the greatest military buildup to totally obliterate ISIS.>> Trump rolling out a laundry list from tighter immigration to cracking down on crime and overhauling the tax code, to mostly jubilant response.
Even though some reject Trump's push for trade barriers.>> I am only against the fake news media.>> The scene only marred when people began waving small red white and blue banners someone had handed out, stamped with Trump's name, that looked suspiciously like the Russian flag. The prank an apparent reference to the Trump camp's reported ties to Russia.
The flags quickly confiscated by staffers. Trump arriving a day after top White House aides Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus set the stage for the boss. With arch-nationalist Bannon and Republican establishment operator Priebus, doing their best to declare the conservative movement united.>> We're checking of the promises we made.
>> Trump speaking as Republican lawmakers this week face a ground swell of protest at town halls around the nation. Many voters fearing a Republican held congress will do away with former President Obama's health law without a plunder or play said.>> I need insurance, but that's not gonna happen.
>> And conservative's meeting as Trump prepare to rule out a new executive order on immigration after his attempt to block visitors from seven Muslim majority countries hit a wall of its own in the courts.>> We're getting the bad ones out.>> The administration hoping Trump's campaign style pep talk even featuring music from his 2016 rallies.
Can assure conservatives that despite what they might read or watch, all is well at the White House.