FIRST AIRED: February 17, 2017

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>> Free Daniel, free Daniel.>> The fate of a Dreamer facing deportation still hangs in the air. Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23 year old Mexican immigrant with a work permit, arrested near Seattle last week is still in detention. But Friday, a Seattle federal judge ruled that Ramirez must be allowed a bail hearing within a week before an administrative immigration court.
The case is closely watched, as Ramirez is a Dreamer, one of 750,000 some people brought to the US illegally as children, but granted temporary permission to live and work here under President Obama's 2012 DACA policy. The immigration police alleges Ramirez had gang ties and a quote, gang tattoo on his forearm, and should be deported.
But Ramirez's lawyers say that's not true and that the tattoo is merely a nautical star and the name of his birthplace, which has nothing to do with any gang. They also say the immigration officers removed words from a written statement by Ramirez denying gang involvement to make it sound like he was admitting gang affiliation.
Ramirez has filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging his detention, but the Justice Department is arguing that the federal court doesn't have jurisdiction over this case. The Seattle federal judge has asked both sides to file briefs on whether he has the ultimate authority to hear Ramirez's legal challenge.
Ramirez's arrest comes as immigration officers carried out a sweep last week, arresting more than 680 people in the country illegally. The broad enforcement has alarmed immigrant right groups.