FIRST AIRED: February 16, 2017

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>> Trade deals might be getting buried on the desk of the president who's been distracted by missteps and a high profile resignation but in this southern border town, the chief concern remains his proposed 20% tax on imports from Mexico and promised to rip up the North American Free Trade Agreement.
>> NAFTA been a catastrophe for our country.>> Nogales, Arizona was built on cross border trade. Now residents and businesses here worry that an import tax could cost them the very US jobs Trump says he wants to save. I'm Yohaida Hokus for Reuters TV. And behind me is the border crossing station where tens of thousands of trucks carrying produce and other goods pass through every day.
I spoke with several distributors here on the US side of the border who said any new tax system put in place would hurt their businesses.>> I just don't think that people understand the number of jobs in Arizona and in the country as a whole that rely on trade between the United States and Mexico.
It's not just Mexico that is benefiting from this relationship. Any down turn in trade with Mexico and specifically in our business is gonna affect Americans, American workers, jobs here in the United States. I mean ultimately, if costs end up going up, we have to pass those along and if we're unable to pass those along then it's going to mean downsizing our businesses.
>> Jaime Chamberlin who is president of JC Distributing voted for Donald Trump. He hopes the businessman turned president will come to see how important trade with Mexico is to the US economy.>> I think some of the things that he's doing need a little bit more thought.>> Like the border wall and like a 20% border tax on importations of Mexican products.
>> International trades supports roughly one in five jobs in Arizona and law makers and other officials from the state as well as from New Mexico and Texas have denounced Trump's plan.