FIRST AIRED: February 4, 2017

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]>> President Trump not too pleased by federal judge's ruling temporarily blocking his immigration ban. On Twitter, blasting the, in his words, so-called judge's ruling out of Seattle that at the moment nullifies Trump's order.>> The Court has reviewed the motion.>> The so-called judge and actual judge appointed by President George W Bush.
The Department of Homeland Security complying with the order, saying it's suspending implementation of the ban. But adding of the Justice Department intends to file an emergency stay of the order at the earliest possible time. Several major airlines saying Saturday they would allow barred passengers from the seven Muslim majority countries and all refugees to board their flights.
Trump promising the quote ridiculous ruling will be overturned. The Seattle judge also ruled that states have legal standing to sue. That could help Democratic Attorneys General across the nation take on Trump in court on various other issues. The Seattle ruling comes after the State Department said nearly 60,000 US entry visas have been revoked in a single week.
On Saturday, the State Department reversing those cancellations in order to comply with the new ruling. Trump's travel ban, issued a week ago, forced detentions and chaos at airports and sparked angry protests around the world. Virtually, all refugees were also barred upending the lives of thousands of people who had spent years seeking asylum in the US.
The government says 109 travelers originally detained at the airports have been released, but plaintiff lawyers have insisted the number of people affected by Trump's order is far higher.