FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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what I know about it active today I'm I am not in favor Hillary Clinton saying no to the Pacific trade deal at the heart of president Obama's signature typically Asia the twenty sixteen Democratic Front runner making the announcement Wednesday on PBS worry about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement we've lost American jobs to other manipulation that cat countries particularly in Asia have engaged and it's part of a broader moved to the left for Clinton initiated the security challenge from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders enraged economy Amanda Becker is following the story couldn't handle any agreement on the need to protect American workers and national security interest and that while she hadn't seen all the details on that what she has seen she doesn't believe girth are nothing to protect I don't believe that's going to meet the high bar I answer , first it helped endear click here to fiercely opposed labor unions I think the deal will erase US jobs data from the first democratic debate in Los Vegas removal lines Clinton with standards on trade but it leads are open to the charge of flip flopping on a trade deal she helped to write people certainly well excuse Clinton or flip flopping on that particularly and Republican from a kind of started as part of her picnic Asia and that she there had been she was secretary of state and in two thousand twelve and the TPP would be the gold standard of trade agreement , do you lashes trade barriers among twelve nations comprising forty percent of the world's economy TPP is just the latest in a string of moves yet the thing Clinton from Obama including a rejection of the keystone pipeline and her call for a no fly zone in Syria , kind of opportunities