FIRST AIRED: October 18, 2016

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>> It's the craziest thing in the world.>> When Bill Clinton called Obama care crazy many dismissed it as just another incident of the ex-president speaking out of turn. But weeks later even the most ardent supporters of Obama's landmark health care reform are forced to admit, the so called affordable care act is turning out to be well unaffordable.
It's no surprise Donald Trump, like many republicans have vowed to repeal it but now, even democrats see the laws failings, and some want to fix it, says Reuters health and pharmaceutical correspondent, Caroline Humor.>> One of the problems that both sides can agree on right now, is that in the exchanges, there is an issue.
The insurers are pulling out. We lost United Health and Aetna, two of the biggest insurers pulled out of almost every market because they're losing money. It didn't grow the way it was supposed to, there aren't enough people in it, the premiums are too high, the people are too sick.
>> With democratic lawmakers getting an earful over high premiums and soaring drug prices, Hillary Clinton has responded with plans for a few tweaks.>> One of the things she wants to do is cut co-pays for drug prices, that would help your basic consumer. She also wants to put in a new tax credit that would go to people who spend a lot of their income on their healthcare, and she wants to increase subsidies basically.
She wants to pull in more people and allow them to get the subsidies that they can be used on the exchanges to buy those Obamacare plans.>> But the biggest hurdle to that, the expected cost. One estimate says her plan would send the federal budget deficit swelling by $90 billion, hardly the kind of pill budget conscience Republicans would be willing to swallow.