FIRST AIRED: October 21, 2016

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>> From border skirmishes to a full-on culture war. Pakistan banning all Indian content from TV and radio starting Friday, as tensions rise between the nuclear-armed neighbors. The news stirring up a storm of criticism in a country where Indian soap operas and movies are wildly popular.>> There isn't much left on TV now, there's the news and also things like English language movies but after watching that I just switch off my TV.
>> Violent attacks have spiked recently along India and Pakistan's de facto border. Last month New Delhi took the coral to the big screen. With calls to keep Pakistani actors and actresses out of the giant Bollywood film industry. What followed was a string of tit for tat media bans.
Islamabad's latest move welcomed by some.>> It's good that the government has banned Indian television channels. Indians earn millions airing their channels here, yet they ban our actors and stage protests against them. So we should completely boycott their channels.>> Critics say those most likely to feel the ban are women.
Many of whom spend their time cooped up at home.>> Usually Pakistani women watch Indian dramas with great interest. I think it will now be a problem for them.>> India and Pakistan share deep cultural ties dating back to before their separation at the end of British colonial rule in the 40s.
But today their media war is threatening to turn violent. Some hardliners in India threatening attacks on Pakistani performers, as well as the producers and directors who hire them.