FIRST AIRED: October 19, 2016

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>> One final head to head contest before election day. I'm Jonah Green with Reuters here in Las Vegas where tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will face off in their third and final presidential debate. The event is being moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox news and there will be six 15 minute installments covering the Supreme Court, immigration, national debts and entitlements, the economy, foreign policy, and their fitness to be president.
On the latter topic both Clinton and Trump will have plenty to answer for. Trump has been doubling down on his claims that the election is rigged both by the media and at polling sites.>> They have rigged it from the beginning.>> He's also been fending off accusations of sexual assault and misconduct by women.
And he suggested that he and Clinton take drug tests before tonight's debate.>> This is Trump's last chance to prove himself in the debate format. The last two debates have been mine fields for Trump. On the first one, he was scowling, he was on the defensive, he was constantly sniffling.
And he admitted he doesn't pay federal taxes. Then he got baited by Clinton into a Twitter feud with the former Miss Universe.>> This is locker room talk.>> At the second debate, he was even more combative and sparked an outcry for saying that as President, he would jail his political opponent.
As for Clinton, she's more comfortable on the debate stage, and has a more comfortable lead in the polls. She's clearly practiced keeping her cool, but at times she may come across as too calculated.>> I call it trumped up trickle down.>> Reuters political correspondent Emily Stevenson is covering the debate.
>> I think it's pretty likely that this issue with the FBI documents is gonna come up. That there was communication between the State Department and the FBI about how to classify Clinton's emails. And because the email was dealing with Benghazi it's likely that Benghazi is going to come up.
Trump invited the mother of one of the people who was killed in Benghazi in 2012 to the debate tonight. So he's pretty likely to bring that up.>> The two, who didn't even shake hands at the start of the last debate, are even on frostier terms this time.
It all begins tonight at 9pm Eastern.