FIRST AIRED: January 17, 2017

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>> British Prime Minister Theresa May has made her most definitive speech yet on Brexit, and she's given these people in Davos plenty of food for thought. I'm Elizabeth Piper, I'm chief political correspondent for Reuter's, here at the World Economic Forum.>> The opportunity ahead.>> Her speech has cut this whole conference in two.
Some people are saying this is the best opportunity Britain will ever have to be able to trade with the world again, and not have to go through the EU negotiations. Others are saying the financial service is gonna be hit really badly. I think the main takeaways from May's speech today was that she did say we are leaving the European Union.
That means no membership of the single market. Where most people have actually assumed that was the case, the fact that she said it out loud has knocked the market somewhat. But, she qualified that by saying there were still going to be aspects of the single market that she would like to keep.
>> Just look at what's happened in terms->> And she was even willing to pay for them, not over the odds, she said, but if it was a moderate sum. She has to send it to Parliament, because she's got to keep her party on side. With labor saying that they will pass it, but still won't have access to the single market, it may get into trouble.
But I think she's largely confident, in fact her aides have said so. She's largely confident that the Parliament will pass whatever deal she comes up with. I think May will come to Davos with a very clear message for the other world leaders, and business leaders alike. She'll be saying, Britain is now a global country, it wants to trade with everyone.
And someone I was speaking to earlier today, an Indian billionaire, he said, it's about time too. India's been looking for those kind of trade deals for decades, and now they can actually move forward. Whether that can happen in any short time span is still a question. But with US president elect Trump also saying he wants to have a trade deal, I think May or feel in quite a strong position.
>> Thank you.>>