FIRST AIRED: January 23, 2017

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>> Deep in the Amazon rain forest, Brazilian armed forces are fighting the country's biggest security threat, the drug trade. This small border platoon of 70 soldiers, engaged in a patrol drill along the rough waters of the Japura river is learning how intercept drugs and arms shipments from neighboring Columbia.
Reuters correspondent, Alonzo Soto visited the region.>> The military officials here acknowledge that it's difficult, it's a very difficult job to patrol and to secure the border that extends for 10,000 kilometers. It is behind me in the Columbian Jungle while other drugs and guns are being smuggled into Brazil and falling into the hands of drug gangs that are finding a bitter war for this lucrative trade.
Here in Villa Bittencourt, military officials are promising to step up security, to share more intelligence with Peru and Colombia, the two biggest producers of cocaine in the world, to try to put an end to the drug trafficking.>> Brazil which is the world's biggest cocaine consumer after the US, recently started a heavier crack down on drug gangs with the battle for control of lucrative cross-border smuggling roots spilling into the country's yields.
More than 130 inmates have been killed in several bloody prison riots so far this year. Officers are now hoping a technology upgrade using infrared sensors and drones for border surveillance, could make their jobs easier. Fresh technology is crucial for the 1,500 soldiers posted along the Amazon border, who not only have to search for drugs, but also split their time carrying out raids on illegal miners, loggers and hunters across this vast region.