FIRST AIRED: January 16, 2017

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>> She's determined to be the next French President. And Marine Le Pen's enlisted the help of an idea image committee. Tasked with what many say is impossible, to change how most people view the leader of the far right wing National Front and get her into the Elysee Palace come May.
Reuter's Ingrid Milanda's in Paris.>> Marine Le Pen has become increasingly popular over the years. She is now a well known figure. She's on TV quite a lot. But this is still the far right party, and opinion polls show that the majority of voters still have a negative view of her.
So this is what this committee and others are set on to do. To try and do everything in the election campaign whether it is posters, whether it is how she speaks, whether it where she goes. They are trying to do all this to appeal beyond the core FN voters.
>> The committee's ten members meet every week to discuss their plan of action, including Facebook lives and viral Twitter campaigns attacking rivals. The party's promotional paraphernalia makes no mention of the National Front or the trademark flame logo. Simply the Monica Marine and a blue rose. Apparently symbolising her desire to bring France together.
The rose of the socialist and the blue of the political right.>> So she is done recently things she is never done before, she went on a TV show with a reality TV host and she talked about herself as a woman. She talked about how she likes gardening, she talk about her cooking specialties.
Beginning of last year she started a blog and posted pictures of her petting kittens and petting dogs, so she's trying to play on that angle to win the campaign. The presidential election is not just about the project, people also want to know about the person, and that's just what they're trying to do now.
>> Polls predict the leader of the anti-immigration, anti-Europe party will get to the final two in May, but will lose out to right-wing rival Francois Fillon. FN officials say Marine's blue rose also symbolizes making the impossible possible. The image committee will certainly do all it can to prove it.