FIRST AIRED: January 26, 2017

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>> A nation without borders is not a nation.>> In a new burst of executive orders that have outraged his critics, President Donald Trump making good on one of his most divisive campaign promises, building the wall. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Trump used a speech at the Department of Homeland Security to jump-start construction of the wall on the US border with Mexico, a notion that Mexico fiercely opposes.
Trump also taking aim at the nation's largest urban areas, vowing to strip away funding for so-called sanctuary cities that shield illegal immigrants from deportation. Part of a radical overhaul of immigration and national security.>> The United States of America gets back control of its borders.>> The border wall was Trump's biggest applause line at his raucous rallies from day one of the campaign.
>> Build the wall, build the wall.>> Some thought for sure Trump would back away from actually building it, as it's likely to cost at least $20 billion, and experts say it isn't needed. But on Wednesday, Trump vowed to move forward with it, ordering the government to redirect funds immediately, saying Mexico would reimburse the United States, something Mexico has firmly ruled out.
Trump also coming through on a promise to hire 5,000 more border guards, even as existing positions go unfilled. Activists already pushing back hard on Wednesday's actions and on what is expected to be his equally controversial next move, a ban on all immigration from several Muslim majority countries in the Middle East and Africa.
This is another carryover from his campaign, a promise he made soon after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, by a Muslim American and his Pakistani wife. Muslim advocacy groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations condemning the move at a news conference in Washington.>> To ban them based on ideological reasoning is nothing short of shooting ourselves in the foot.
>> One area where Trump is trending carefully, action on the so-called dreamers, young people who entered the country illegally when they were children. Trump promising to reverse president Obama's decision to grant them de facto amnesty. But aides saying that doesn't mean mass deportation. Trump has promised to be a president for all Americans, but has shown no interest in softening his campaign promises.
Delivering results first for his hard core base of supporters, those folks who rocked his rallies and rocketed him to power on what critics say is an appeal to the nation's darkest fears, rather than its aspirations.>> The path he's going down is wrong.