FIRST AIRED: January 20, 2017

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>> Donald Trump's first major international test as President could come from the most unpredictable nation on Earth. U.S. officials say, they're seeing signs that North Korea is prepping an upgraded intercontinental ballistic missile for launch and it could come as early as inauguration day. According to intelligent sources, any upcoming launch from Pyongyang would likely be more of a provocation rather than a test of new missile technology, baiting Trump to see how his administration reacts.
Pyongyang's already tested the waters with tough talk. North Korean leader Kim Jung-un boasted on New Year's Day his country is close to test launching an ICBM. State media backing that up, saying a launch could come at any time. The next day Trump tweeted, it won't happen. It's not clear exactly what he meant by that.
And the Pentagon has said it wouldn't strike down a North Korean missile unless it posed a threat. Adding to fears that a test launch is around the corner, South Korean intelligence say they've seen what looks like the lower half of a ballistic missile being moved by road. And that a weapon that can be transported like that would make thwarting an attack much more difficult.
Adding fuel to speculation, separate reports say North Korea's nuclear facility has restarted, a potential source of weapon's grade plutonium for a warhead.