FIRST AIRED: February 2, 2017

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>> All right, hey, Escibido.>> More NATO members should pay their way. That's just one of the controversial campaign claims from America's new Commander-in- Chief. But does President Trump have a point?>> America is by some way the main NATO spender. Case in point, exercises like this enrolls again in Poland.
I'm Reuters' reporter Jacob Greaves. We are here you'll hear lots about all NATO members contributing, participating. But there is only a very few who actually meet the 2% spending threshold.>> The alliance charter ask members to devote 2% of their GDP to defense. Only the U.S., Britain, Estonia, Greece, and Poland currently do.
That's out of 28 members. Now, Poland has become a staging ground for US troop deployments agreed under President Obama. And when we spoke to those units training, they were keen to accentuate the positive.>> All 28 play a vital role in this. And I think, we all bring some sort of competitive advantage to the table and we all bring some talents to the table.
And I think that's just the strength of NATO.>> The highest ranking US army official in Europe expanded on the point to us saying that American fire power buys other members time.>> That also enables our other allies to focus on building up their own defenses.>> Other members are upping their military spend.
Looking down the barrel of a revitalized Russia and American isolationism. Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are reportedly eyeing 2018 budgets with big defense boosts.
ough the sum's still paltry compared to the US, Donald Trump might've floated a Pay-as-you-Go NATO, but in its main military theater, American hardware is the hard currency.