FIRST AIRED: January 1, 2018

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>> US lawmakers will return from holiday on Wednesday and begin trying to pass a federal budget. And Republicans are readying a major rhetorical pivot.>> It's the largest tax cut in the history of our country.>> They voted for a huge expansion of the national debt to pay for tax cuts at the end of 2017, but they are preparing to argue in favor of fiscal conservatism in the upcoming fight over federal spending And Democrats are ready to push back.
>> We heard all of that rhetoric year after year, and now we have a bill that raises the deficit by $1.4 trillion.>> Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan says what he calls entitlement reform will be a top priority in 2018.>> There's two things we gotta do to get rid of this debt, deal with entitlements.
>> In Republican parlance, entitlement programs refer to foodstamps, housing assistance, Medicare and Medicaid health programs for the poor, elderly, and disabled. Democrats seized on Ryan's remarks saying they show Republicans would try to pay for their tax cuts by slashing social programs. But Ryan's goals may need to take a back seat to matters in the Senate where Republicans will need the votes of some Democrats to approve a budget and prevent a government shutdown.
Senate Democrats will try and use their leverage to defend social programs and tackle the issue of so-called Dreamers, immigrants brought illegally to the US as children. Trump put a March expiration date on a program called DACA, protecting Dreamers from deportation. He's said he wants Congress to approve funding for a border wall and an immigration law overhaul in exchange for helping Dreamers.
Democrats say they want a quote, clean DACA protections bill. President Donald Trump and Republicans want a large increase in military spending. Democrats are seeking proportional increases in programs to support education, scientific research, infrastructure, public health, and environmental protection.