FIRST AIRED: January 5, 2018

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>> The iguanas have fallen out of the trees over night.>> It's no weather for the lizards. But whether cold blooded or not, wildlife across the frigid South is feeling the effects of this week's rare and brutal cold spell.>> See, he's waking up.
In Palm Beach, Florida the iguanas fell out of the trees as temperatures dipped below freezing.
>> If it's just for a day or two they will just get to where they're completely frozen in time. They're still able to breathe, they're still able to do bodily functions, just very slow.>> But experts warn that if the temperatures remain below 45 degrees for more than two days, the iguanas will likely die.
In Corpus Cristi, Texas, the National Park Service has rescued hundreds of green sea turtles found floating off the coast, stunned by the cold.>> It's our hope that through these efforts we'll be able to save these turtles, so they can be repatriated back into our Texas waters soon.
>> Temperatures there had dropped to the mid 20s, but that's a balmy day compared to conditions up north. At the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, New York it's been brutally cold with overnight subzero temperatures. Although for some residents like the red pandas, it helps if you're dressed for the weather.