FIRST AIRED: September 21, 2016

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>> The man who helped win the battle for Brexit Britain is taking that fighting spirit to the US.>> I've sort of dipped my toe into the water of this presidential campaign, and what really has helped me, of course, is Hillary attacking me.>> And the former UKIP leader's appearance on Donald Trump's stage may be just the start.
>> I'm Reuters' reporter in Westminster, where Nigel Farage has given us an exclusive interview about what he plans to do next. And some of it appears to be across the pond as the US presidential elections gear up.>> He will be back in America in time for October's second and third presidential debates.
Mainly as a pundit. But it's fairly clear who he favors.>> So many career politicians, and I can name a lot in this country, who want to appear to be nice, actually are disinterested completely in ordinary folk. And have got no time for them at all. Trump's got that.
And that, I think, is one of the reasons why he's building up this sort of fanatical, devoted following.>> Britain's Brexit vote rocked Westminster. And Farage thinks there's grounds for a similar shakeup in Washington.>> About two and a half million people voted on June the 23rd who had not voted in the general election the year before.
Many of them never voted in their lives, but thought this was the time that their vote mattered. That where they could actually changed things. And I think in America there's been some pretty huge disenchantment with politics. A feeling that it doesn't really matter who wins, not much is gonna change.
And actually Washington's virtually become a country on its own. And I think that's where the Trump campaign is beginning to reach out.>> Farage also cites language that isn't afraid to rattle the establishment as grounds for Trump's success.>> You shared a stage with Trump. Are there any policies though, in particular you'd like to distance yourself from?
>> It really isn't my job to defend every Trump comment, or attack every Trump comment. I don't want Hillary to win, I've made that clear. I'm not endorsing Trump, but I'm telling a story of how Brexit changed British politics, and how that can cross over into the States.
>> With Farage set to wade further into US politics, Hillary Clinton's camp will hope that narrative doesn't travel well.