FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2016

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>> Today our country faces a threat to the internet.>> Three years after orchestrating a federal government shutdown, Ted Cruz pushing ahead with the threat to do it all over again as he tries to kill a plan surrendering U.S. control over the internet domain naming system. Cyber security reporter Dustin Volz has the latest.
The U.S. government has basically since the beginning of the Internet helped oversee the way that domain name addresses, .coms, .orgs, and IP addresses connect to one another. The government has been scheduled to cede that control to an international body that will then oversee ICANN as it's known. Conservative lawmakers have been arguing now that this is essentially going to cede control of the internet itself to authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China.
>> Stand together and ensure that we protect freedom of the internet for generations generations to come.>> Cruz, on Wednesday, getting an unexpected hand from his bitter 2016 rival, Donald Trump.>> Trump sent out a statement on Wednesday, supporting Cruz and other conservatives in Congress who are now trying to block or, at the very least, delay the scheduled transition.
>> The senator became a household name in 2013, when he forced the federal shutdown over Obama Care.>> So, this is a familiar position for Senator Ted Cruz to be in. Cruz and other law makers are actually trying to attach this to a must pass funding bill that needs to adopted to keep the government open past the end of this month.
It's important to note that technical experts say that there's no merit to this. That ICANN, the nonprofit, doesn't actually control in any way what you see on the Web, it just helps make sure that the Internet is working properly. Major technology companies have come out and recently say that delaying the transition of internet oversite is a terrible idea.
It is surprising that what was such a wonky, extremely technical issue that did not seem in any way political, is suddenly one of a handful of things that are sticking points in Congressional negotiations over a must pass funding bill. And could if things don't go right actually lead to some sort of temporary shut down.
>> To come together.