FIRST AIRED: September 28, 2016

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>> Jeremy.>> Hi.>> Next PM.>> Jeremy Corbyn wants Labour to start aiming for office in 2017. In closing the party's conference the re-elected leader tried winning over as much support as he could muster.>> Our party is about campaigning. And it's about protest too. But most of all, it's about winning power.
In local and national government to deliver the real change our country so desperately needs.>> Even with his critics here it's one thing addressing in conference, another, the electorate. I'm Reuters reporter Jacob Greeves at the annual Labour conference in Liverpool, where after this, the hard work begins. Brexit has brought with it the prospect of a snap general election, and after months of infighting the opposition are keen to unite.
>> Have you got enough for a manifesto that will satisfy the electorate?>> Well if there is an early election it's obviously that sort of deep policy development that you do over the lifetime of a Parliament will have to be speeded up. But yeah, you saw this week John McDonnell sort of recalibrating on the economy.
>> But immigration is a bit more of a thorny issue.>> I have one question, are you in touch with the?>> The UK's Brexit vote has been interpreted as a referendum on tightening borders. That's something Corbyn and his key cabinet allies don't appear to support. But this is a party with centrists still waiting in the wings.
>> I think the challenge for the Labour party is to come up with a policy and position on this issue, free movement in particular, that is absolutely true to our values and continues with our international traditions but also resonates with our people and addresses some of the challenges that can arise from immigration.
>> Corbyn says going forward Labour will focus on the issues surrounding immigration such as worker's pay, but he won't commit to reducing numbers or even setting a net target. We know Jeremy can draw in the crowds here, now he must get the wider public in line.