FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2016

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>> The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launching a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Alongside Prince Harry, Heads Together is the biggest project the three royals have taken on as a trio. It coincided with the start of mental health awareness week across the UK, marked with a tea for those who have experienced difficulties.
Is 25 years old and suffered from depression for seven years.>> I went through tons of bullying. Me and my group of friends weren't really the cool kids in secondary school. So being quiet and shy and last to be picked for everything. Parents telling me I'm not really getting good grades and teachers telling me I'll never amount to much.
After a while I started turning to self harm. And all that kinda just got a bit too much for me.>> And what advice would you give to any young people who are out there who are experiencing a tough time?>> It's a matter of speaking and letting it out.
It's like dust, if you keep it inside, it's just gonna overflow. So, I say speak it or speak to someone if you feel comfortable. If not, write it down. That's what I did. I would also say, take time for yourself. Be around nature, be in a quiet place, cry out.
That's what worked for me.>> This year, the Mental Health Foundation's focus is relationships. A YouGov poll found nearly half of Brits regret not investing more time in those that matter.>> Even if you're not going through depression, we all go through emotions up and down in our life.
It happens, you might be so happy one day, and another day you might be down. But I really think that mental well-being is really important. Learning about your mental well-being will help you in your future.>> The foundation's calling for everyone to make a relationship resolution. It wants to drive home the message that we all have mental health, and we can all take steps to understand it, protect it, and sustain it.