FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2016

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>> But we've won a big, big victory.>> Bernie Sander's big win in West Virginia signalling trouble ahead for Hillary Clinton and other struggling industrial states that will be much more important to her in the general election. Sander's 15 point victory Tuesday in the hard-hit state, fueled by the same white working-class voters that Donald Trump will be trying to pull from the Democrats in the fall.
Amanda Becker is on the story.>> Clinton's loss in West Virginia was not unexpected, but it does indicate that she may have kind of an uphill climb in some to these Appalachian and Rust Belt states. I was in Cleveland last week following along on a canvas of registered voters.
About half of them, even in a democratic city in a state that has voted democratic in the past two elections, said if they voted today they would be backing Trump. And the sense was they want something different, the economy has not been working for them. They've seen their wages stagnate.
They feel like they've tried everything, so why not give someone like Trump a chance? So Clinton I think will have to make the case to these voters in order to keep that state, to keep states like Pennsylvania, that she has a plan to mix things up. Sanders' commanding win getting a nod of sorts Wednesday from Trump himself who tweeted, I don't want to hit crazy Bernie Sanders too hard yet because I love watching what he is doing to Crooked Hillary.
His time will come!>> Did you hear Bernie Sanders say she suffers from bad judgment? Is he right?>> Trump already using Clinton's problems clinching the nomination as an attack line on the trail, leaving Clinton battling two opponents at once.>> I will fight for you!>> The form secretary of state still on track to be the nominee, but West Virginia kicks off a primary home stretch that could see Sanders pile up more wins in Kentucky, Oregon and Montana.