FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2018

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>> As the US braces for the official start of hurricane season on June 1st, extreme storm prone states on the Gulf Coast could look about 1000 miles north at a small town in Washington DC's backyard as a cautionary tale. Ellicott City suffered its second deadly flood in less than two years.
This historic Maryland district was hit by a so-called 1000 year rain storm in 2016, only to be hit by another one this week.>> Clearly, I believe the damage is more severe than it was in 2016.>> Since that last major storm, critics say most of the rebuilding efforts focused on getting businesses back up and running, rather than trying to control future flooding.
Architect Rob Brennan sits on the Master Plan Review Committee that was established to rebuild Ellicott City.>> This was always a question that was asked at just about every meeting, what if this happens again? And it always fell back to, well, it's a rare occurrence. It's 1000 year or 500 year event.
It could happen again, but it probably won't and here we are a year and a half later, it happened again.>> Just up the street from Brandon's architecture firm Dave Carnie surveyed the damage at his wine store on Tuesday.>> Everybody wants to blame someone, but you want to look at the big picture, then maybe at some point we should talk about climate change.
Because this is climate change. This is extreme weather and this is what it's going to cause and it's not going to stop.>> But Carney says despite the risks, he's not going to stop either.>> My neighbors around me have said, you can not close. You must come back.
We need you. We'll do anything. What do we have to do to help you to come back? It's too overwhelming for me. It's hard actually. But I gotta come back. I'm gonna come back. It's gonna happen.