FIRST AIRED: May 25, 2018

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>> By calling off the summit with Kim Jung-un, experts say Donald Trump is also straining ties with North Korean ally, China. Washington and Beijing are already at odds on several fronts. That includes the South China Sea and Taiwan, and the two recently pulled back from the brink of a trade war.
And after Kim Jong-un visited President Xi Jinping twice, Trump hinted last week he thinks China is partly to blame for the summit failing.>> I think things changed a little bit when they met with China. Analysts in China Reuters spoke to, were skeptical of the idea Beijing might have sabotaged the summit.
However, as Reuters Christian Shepherd reports, the failed meet up may signal a new rift with Washington.>> Experts are saying that China is increasingly on Pyongyang's side when it comes to the Korean peninsula issue. A ties have been reset, Kim and Xi who have met two times that we know of that has been this general willingness in China to embrace the long-lost friend of North Korea to help them to open up economically.
it seems that the US and China are no longer really on the same page when it comes to how to deal with North Korea.>> Trade talks with China have increasingly become linked to North Korea. On Friday Beijing announced that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will visit China next week for more dialogue.
However, just days ago Trump muddied the water saying the deals as it stands was quote to hard to get done. Backing out of the summit might open up those wounds again.>> Analyst believe that China may have been using Korea something as a bargaining chip when it came to trade.
The falling apart of the potential summit has meant that China may lose this bargaining chip. And so trade tensions might be on the rise. On Friday Beijing's Foreign Ministry tried to highlight that both the US and North Korea were still willing to meet. It also added that China has always played a positive role on the Korean peninsula.