FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2018

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>> When the FBI comes into contact with information about what a foreign government may be doing in our election cycle, I think they have an obligation to run it out.>> Top Republican congressman, Trey Gowdy, one of the few lawmakers given a classified briefing last week on the FBI's Russia probe, is directly contradicting President Trump's claim that a quote, spy had been placed for political motives in his 2016 campaign.
Gowdy, a frequent Trump defender told Fox News and other media, the FBI's use of an informant to get information on Trump's campaign had been appropriate. Saying he had seen no evidence to support Trump's claims.>> Informants are used all day every day by law enforcement. I don't know what the FBI could have done, or should have done other than run out a lead that someone loosely connected with the the campaign was making assertions about Russia.
I would think you would want the FBI to find out whether or not there was any validity to what those people were saying.>> White House and politics editor Caren Bohan.>> Trey Gowdy has debunked the idea that the President has put forth that there was a spy in his campaign.
He is retiring this year, so he may feel freer to speak out than other rank and file Republicans, but he is well respected in congress, and he's well respected by his Republican peers.>> Russia was the target and not the campaign.>> Gowdy weighing in in this regard makes it harder for the President to get traction on the idea that this is a witch hunt, and that he's under attack, and that there's nothing here in the Russia investigation.
>> On Twitter, Wednesday, Trump ignored Gowdy's praise for the FBI probe, instead tweeting Gowdy's comments on Trump's well known frustration with his attorney general Jeff Session's decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe.>> I would be frustrated too. That's how I read that, is Senator Sessions, why didn't you tell me this before I picked you?
There are lots of really good lawyers in the country. He could have picked someone else.>> Trump adding, I wish I did. On Tuesday, Trump ramped up his attack on special counsel Robert Muller, leveling an unsubstantiated accusation that Mueller would use the Russia probe to quote, meddle in the midterm elections.