FIRST AIRED: November 24, 2017

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>> The corridors of this Yemen hospital have become a waiting room. Medicine and medical supplies are running dangerously low and doctors are struggling to treat patients. It's a crisis without precedent. Al-Thawra is one of the last hospitals operating in Sanaa under the blockade put in place since November the 6th.
Hospital Director, Dr. says it's costing lives.>> Hundreds are dying in the hospitals because of lack of medicine and other medical supplies. There are also severe cases that need to travel abroad but can't, so they die in the hospital. We do everything we can, but we can only do so much.
>> The Saudi-led coalition claim the blockade is to stop the flow of arms from Iran to its Houthi opponents. But here at the hospital, the consequences of the blockade are clear to see. Doesn't know if his mother will survive without the dialysis treatment she needs.>> My mother is one of the patients and she's been suffering from kidney failure for the past two years.
Kidney failure patients suffer from a lack of supply of equipment and they have to buy their own syringes from outside, and that requires a big monthly budget.>> The blockade comes after two and a half years of civil war between a Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-allied Houthis. On the international pressure, the Saudi coalition announced that will allow aid freights to resume on Saturday, but it won't let in ships carrying wheat and medical supplies.
For all those here at the hospital, the painful wait looks likely to continue.