FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2016

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>> Evidence on Monday suggesting Russia released sensitive Democratic Party emails in order to influence the US presidential election. That according to Reuters cybersecurity sources and US officials. The bombshell coming as the FBI announced it would probe the audacious hack into the Democratic National Committee servers. Cybersecurity reporter Justin Voltz.
>> This is sort of an unprecedented thing that we've seen from Russia, trying to affect US politics in this way. One US official told us on background that he believes that it's beyond a reasonable doubt that Russia Is behind this intrusion, and that would support findings from the private sector, from private cyber security firms over the past month.
But also concluded that this hack was something that Russia was supporting.>> WikiLeaks, over the weekend, released more than 19,000 emails, seeming to show the DNC favoring Clinton over her rival Bernie Sanders. On Sunday, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigning over the scandal on the eve of the party's national convention.
Volt says the hack and release one-two punch is putting intelligent services on edge.>> These are not surprising targets in and of itself. What's surprising is that we're now seeing this information appear online via WikiLeaks in a way that seems to be intended to sow discord among the Democratic Party and favor the Republican nominee Donald Trump.
Trump has previous business interest in Russia. Last week, the reports that the RNC sort of changed its platform a little bit to be more friendly toward Russia. So there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that would suggest, at least \ the democrats would say, that Russia, if they are behind this hack, may have an interest in helping Trump.
That is what is really frightening to people in the intelligence community.>> The Trump team on Monday dismissing as absurd, the idea Russia would release the emails to help his campaign.