FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2016

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>> Thousands of fans queuing up to see the fastest man in the world make his debut in Rio. The Jamaican superstar running for the first time at what he says are his last Olympic games. Reuter Sports editor Ossian Shine says although his stop was a bit sluggish, Bolt is Bolt.
>> Well, I mean he was slow. He knew he was slow, he was fine about being slow. He called it sluggish. He was last out of the traps by quite some distance. But by the 50 meter mark, once he'd stretched that enormous frame, he was basically slowing down at the finish line while everyone else was bursting to get across it.
It was a slow time, 10.07 seconds but Bolt is a big race runner so times don't really mean an awful lot at this stage, he's just gonna beat the guy next to him.>> That guy might be American 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin, you could call him Bolt's arch nemesis.
The two men have been in a fierce competition since London 2012 when Bolt took gold and Gatlin bronze.>>
ve a lot of things to say, but my coach told me not to comment. So just
]>> Some trash talking along the way, and Bolt saying Gatlin will feel his full wrath as he aims for the treble treble and to become the first ever to win three back to back Olympic 100m titles.
>> Hopefully we think we'll beat Justin Gatlin, it's the race that everyone's looking for. Gatlin winner of gold in 2004, he's had two doping suspensions, but he's back, he's posted the fastest times this year. He was very quick this morning, 10.01 in his heat. This is the race everyone's talking about.
This is the race that's finally lighting up these Olympics. Bolt is looking to win the sprint treble for the third time in a row. It's unprecedented. And Gatlin's looking to be the first guy to come back and win gold after a doping ban.>> So these finals could see a legendary face off with the world's fastest men testing the limits.