FIRST AIRED: August 11, 2016

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>> The man who climbed halfway up the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan before finally being pulled inside through a window by police, get this, appears to be a Donald Trump supporter.>> Hello, Mr. Trump.>> A creepy minute-long video uploaded to YouTube one day before the climb shows a young man discussing scaling the tower in a message addressed to Trump.
>> I am an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter. I guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request. As for anyone else who's watching, please help make this video go viral so that it gets to Mister Trump, and be sure to get out and vote for Mister Trump in the 2016 election.
Thank you.>> The man climbed the 58 story tower for more than 2 hours on Wednesday using what looked like suction cups. And shifting his route several times to evade police. Reuters' reporter Gina Cheriliss watched the bizarre event unfold.>> As the number of the crowd began to increase, the crowd became extremely engaged in the entire situation, shouting towards him.
There were many people supporting him, cheering him on, hoping that he continued climbing higher and higher. There were other people booing his moves and hoping that NYPD would take him down eventually.>> No word yet on whether Trump will take up the climber's offer to speak with him.