FIRST AIRED: August 11, 2016

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>> Meryl Streep doing what she normally doesn't, performing badly.>>
Bravo.>> It was wonderful Bunny.>> Wanna try another take?>> Well I don't see why, that seemed perfect to me.>> Taking on the role of Florence Foster Jenkins, the real-life socialite whose passion for singing far outweighed her skills.
>> She's remarkable, isn't she?>> She can be a little flat.>> Flat?>> It defies medical science.>> Yeah, she aimed high. I mean,
es, in every way. She picked the most difficult arias in the coloratura cannon, absolutely. And, She screwed it up every time.>> Foster's dogged ambitions, culminating in a sold-out Carnegie Hall performance in 1944.
Blissfully unaware that audiences actually turned up to see just how awful she could be. The hard truth and bad reviews hidden from her by her husband, played by actor Hugh Grant, who says sometimes Streep was almost too good at being terrible.>> She also had a kind badometer
>> So sometimes she would do bad singing that was like 2 out of 10 bad, and sometimes she would crank it up to like 12, and those were very difficult to cope with. Particularly if I was having to do some very serious, stern, protective scene at the same time.
>> Streep of course never before having qualified for a scale of just plain stinking.>> He's really starting to elaborate on this? No, I was not aware of it, but we had that scale for Hugh as well.
In the end, the film serving as a testament to pursuing your dreams, however short you may fall.
>> And she really did try her very best. And sort of, I discovered in listening to her recordings, that it wasn't how bad it was, it was how close it came to being almost good. And that's what made you want, as an audience to root for her.>> Florence Foster Jenkins, hits theaters August 12th.