FIRST AIRED: August 12, 2016

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tting combat ready.
rainian troops on high alert after Russia accused Kiev of planning a terrorist plot in Crimea. Reuters Andrew Osborn is in Moscow.>> Russia says that Ukraine was operating a spy network inside Crimea, which it dismantled. It also contends that Ukraine tried, at least twice, to force its way in to Crimea, to infiltrate saboteurs in to Crimea by force.
And that there was a huge exchange of fire which took place. Again Ukraine denies any of this actually happened. What's important to say about all of this is that there is no documentary proof that this actually took place. It's very much a situation of he said, she said, the Kremlin's word against Kiev's words.
>> Moscow broadcasting what they claim is the spy network's weapons cache. Kiev's say the allegations are fake simply designed to stir tensions.>> All of these events have clearly ratcheted up tensions and stirred speculation that Russia and Mr. Putin are planning to launch a new military venture. Of course Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea in 2014.
Russia fought a brief war against Georgia in 2008. And if you believe Ukraine, Russia is also helping pro Kremlin separatists in eastern Ukraine fight Ukrainian government forces.>> The Russian Navy conducting war games in the Black Sea on Thursday. A move that's likely to make Kiev even more jittery.
Any escalation between the two countries could be used by Putin to demand better terms in the Ukrainian peace process. Or to enflame nationalist passions at home, ahead of a Russian Parliamentary election next month.>>