FIRST AIRED: August 26, 2016

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unlikely partnership, US secretary of state John Kerry meeting Russia's Sergey Lavrov in Geneva. To dot the i's are in agreement on fighting Islamic State jihadist in Syria. Overcoming entrenched opposed views on Syria and years of mutual mistrust. Christian Lowes, Reuters Moscow bureau chief.>> Well we are seeing some baby steps towards cooperation.
One of the things that the United States and Russia have done is started to exchange limited amount of military information about what each other is doing in Syrian airspace. With the aim, basically, of avoiding a situation where a Russian jet shoots an American jet out of the sky or vice versa.
>> Russia has agreed to a 48 hour humanitarian ceasefire in divided Aleppo, the UN says, though parties on the ground must still guarantee security. But progress has been limited. Kerry wants Moscow and Washington to coordinate their strikes on IS militants. While grounding the Syrian Airforce so it can't hit more moderate rebels who oppose President Bashar Al Assad.
That hasn't happened yet, Moscow could be biding its time.>> Russia is waiting until the next US President arrives. They view the Obama administration as a lame duck administration. They don't believe, really, that any lasting deal could be made with this administration.>> The ultimate hope? A knock-on reaction that leads to peace in Syria.
at, though, seems a long way off.