FIRST AIRED: March 17, 2017

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>> She has a reputation as being cool and conservative, the former physicist who leads Europe's strongest economy. He's the wealthy real estate magnet known for shooting from the hip, the president of the world's biggest super power. And when German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump for the first time in Washington on Friday, it may be the American's most important state visit yet, because for months the two have been testing the countries relationship over differences and policy and values.
Merkel was said to have study meticulously ahead of the trip, German officials said she's poured over Trump's speeches and interviews even as far back as this, 1995 interview with Playboy where he laid out many opinions that will carry through to the Oval Office. She's also analysed his recent encounters with other leaders from Britain, Canada and Japan.
One German official telling Reuters that Merkel has been coached on the idea that Trump prefers to hear clear positions but with few details. They also said he doesn't like to listen to long conversations. But Trump is also expected to seek her advice. She's been chancellor for over a decade, making Trump her third US president.
And the White House has said Trump will pick her brain on how to deal with the sensitive diplomacy of another leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin. There's a lot more riding on the meeting. They've stood at odds on immigration and trade, the role of the European Union and other issues.
When he was a candidate, Trump said Merkel was ruining Germany. If nothing else, Friday should see some warmer language.