FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2017

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>> Low pay, a tumultuous reorganization and a nasty feud with the president, is causing many NSA hackers and cyberspies to dust off their resumes. Reuters has learned of an uptick in cyber intelligence officers and government contractors looking to get out of the NSA, as well as the FBI and CIA, to go somewhere with more money and less drama.
The private sector. Reuters cybersecurity correspondent, Dustin Volz.>> The combination of Trump's acrimoniously relationship with them, on top of recent bureaucratic structural changes at the NSA, has led to even heightened concern that people may leave in mass numbers. The thinking is that there's concerns about the way he's going to handle the intelligence community and if he's going to believe their conclusions about Russia, or other issues.
Or that he might try to overstep the bounds of his office and actually try to use their vast capabilities in some way to achieve political gain.>> Half a dozen cyber security firms told Reuters they had witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of current intelligence officials and contractors looking for jobs.
Some NSA veterans attribute the moral issues and staff departures to the leadership style of director Michael Rogers, who's overseen a reorganization of personnel and agencies that has left many feeling frustrated.>> This, according to many current and former officials, has also led to concerns about the direction of the NSA, that they're not achieving their mission as adequately as they were before.
>> At a Congressional committee in January, Rogers saying that the Presidential disparagement wasn't making things easier.>> I just don't want a situation where our work force decides to walk, cuz I think that really is not a good place for us to be.>> A former NSA lawyer says such a rush to the exits would represent, quote, an incalculable loss to national security.