FIRST AIRED: February 27, 2017

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>> La La Land.>> The embarrassing gaff at Sunday night's Academy Awards.>> This is not a joke. Moonlight has won Best Picture.>> And not La La Land, as had been first announced, prompting the show's accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has tabulated ballots for 83 of the Academy's 89 total award ceremonies, to issue an apology Monday, for the screw up.
The firms saying, it's investigating how presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope for Best Picture. PwC's two representatives seen here at last year's Oscars, each with a briefcase containing a set of envelopes with the winners' names. One reportedly stands stage right, the other stage left.
Alternately passing envelopes to presenters depending on from which side they enter. The second Best Actress envelope with winner Emma Stone's name and the film La La Land inscribed on it, somehow making its way to Beatty and Dunaway. PwC now getting called on the carpet. Not the red carpet, but more like the wall-to-wall coverage that a blunder like this induces.
Not that it will matter much in the long run, according to one analyst.>> It's a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of their business. It's a mistake which will perhaps embarrass them for,
r some years to come, but I don't see the Oscars going elsewhere for their accounting services.
And I don't see it having a major impact on PwC.>> Early ratings numbers have the show's viewership down 4% from last year.