FIRST AIRED: March 11, 2017

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>> Hours after telling lawmakers in Washington, how violated he felt after being detained and questioned about being a Muslim while trying to reenter the US following president's Trump original travel ban, Muhammad Ali Jr. was once again detained at an airport. This time trying to board a domestic flight from Washington D.C to Fort Oradell on Friday.
Democratic representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who happened to be on Ali's Friday flight, reacting to his encounter with a Tweet. Quote, on my way home on domestic flight, Muhammad Ali Jr. detained again by @DHSgov religiously profiling son of The Greatest will not make us safe. The 20 to 25 minute delay rehashing already raw feelings Ali described to lawmakers at this panel the day before.
>> They asked me, what was your religion? And I was like, I'm Muslim. And obviously, I don't think they believed me. So I told them that I was Muhammad Ali's son and I felt that my human rights was just abused. I felt like a immigrant.>> His lawyer who was with him at the airport for the latest incident telling reporters that after Ali handed over his Illinois state ID he was told there was a problem and that the Department of Homeland Security had to be contacted.
The TSA disputing part of Ali's story, telling media outlets Ali's delay at the ticket counter was not as long as he claimed.>> But the agency did not explain why Homeland Security needed to get involved or why Ali's state ID was insufficient to allow him to board his flight.
>> They asked me about, where did I get my