FIRST AIRED: January 11, 2017

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>> With all the new technology going into your automobile unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show, the auto show in Detroit focused on what's outside. The common theme, bigger is even better. Ford, in a shocking move, announcing it's bringing back the massive Bronco after a 20 year hiatus. I'm Conway Giddens and as you can see, I am sitting inside one of those new Ford F150s.
Everyone's talking about autonomous and electric vehicles. But it's really these big daddies that are selling and putting money into the pockets of the auto makers so that they can invest in that new technology. Even more than before, everywhere you look, there's a new truck, SUV, or crossover. All the automakers, foreign or domestic, are revving up their new large offerings with the split in annual vehicle sales now roughly 60/40.
In favor of, you guessed it, pickup trucks or SUVs. Reuters correspondent Alexandria Sage.>> Over the past few years we've been seeing a shift from cars to SUVs and trucks. And now, auto makers are saying that shift is irreversible. The US consumer has definitely decided, and in fact, the global consumer, that SUVs are the vehicle that they want to drive.
>> Even minivans are making a comeback, with child having millennials expected to trade up to something bigger. But a declining market for cars isn't the same as a dying one. Industry insiders and executives telling Reuters, cars will still be around and automakers will still be making them. As a matter of fact, one of the show's breakout stars this year, the Kia Stinger.
Even in the midst of bigger rivals, there's still something magical about a fast, sleek car.