FIRST AIRED: June 11, 2018

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>> Republicans are mobilizing a nationwide army to hit the streets as they fight to retain control of the House of Representatives in November.>> Do you approve the job that President Trump has been doing?>> Yeah.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Modesto, California where I'm going door to door with operatives from the Congressional Leadership Fund that's a Republican group that's helping to reelect Representative Jeff Denham.
He's one of dozens of Republicans who could face a tough reelection fight this fall. They've been on the ground for nearly a year, making phone calls, knocking on doors, doing everything they can to keep the House of Representatives in Republican hands.>> It's a new tactic for a so called super pack the big money political groups typically spend heavily on TV ads, but leave the actual campaigning to the candidates.
This year, the Congressional Leadership Fund has setup offices in 34 races across the country targeting about 50,000 republican leaning voters in each district who usually sit out congressional elections. Those voters could tip the scales in the battle for control of the house officials say.>> Hello, my name is Zion I'm a volunteer for the Congressional Leadership Fund.
>> Talking up the GOP's tax cuts and finding out what's on voters’ minds, in Nebraska, it's the local Air Force base, in Maine, it's veteran's care, in California's tenth congressional district, it's water rights. The Russia investigation and other issues that dominate Washington rarely come up and President Trump gets a thumbs up according to spokesman Michael Byerly.
>> Yeah here in California ten, they generally do like what he's doing I've talked to a few of the interns here and they say they've had a great responses at the doors.>> The group has raised more than $70 million so far, nearly half of that from casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.
By law, the group has to work independently from candidates like Denham who's a top target for democrats this year. Denham says he says he's happy for the help.>> I welcome it certainly having more people involved in the campaign. Seeing a lot more young people that are out there concerned about their future is something that's exciting for us, but also helps us to convey our message as well.
>> As TV ads, the group has already reserved $48 million worth of air time ahead of November.>> Congressional Leadership Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.>> In the meantime, the door knocking continues.