FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2018

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>> What you'll really see is, you'll see bias against me and->> President Donald Trump reacting Friday to a Justice Department Inspector General's report on how the FBI handled its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server. In a lengthy appearance outside the White House, Trump claims that the reports prove the FBI was biased against him.
But that's not the case, says Reuters correspondent Mark Hosenball, who has seen that report.>> In fact, it says the opposite of what he seems to be claiming. Namely, it says that there was no political bias in the FBI. And the balance of the FBI's activities damaged Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.
>> Clinton too took a jab at the IG's 500-page document. She responded to a tweet about James Comey using his personal Gmail account to conduct official FBI business by saying, but my emails. Clinton was referring to Comey announcing shortly before the 2016 presidential election that he was reopening an investigation into her use of emails while Secretary of State.
The report found the former FBI director made a serious error in judgment in doing so. But the report also uncovered an email between two FBI officials during the 2016 campaign, saying Trump would not become president. We'll stop it, wrote an agent who also worked on a probe on Russia's alleged interference in the election.
Trump used the findings to sow doubts about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.>> There was no obstruction. The IG report yesterday went a long way to show that. And I think that the Mueller investigation has been totally discredited.>> But Hosenball says the report does not address Mueller's probe.
>> What Trump has been doing is cherrypicking tiny bits of the report that he thinks help promote him, play to his supports, and undermine Mueller's investigations.>> Russia has denied that it interfered in the election.