FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2018

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>> We need a wall, we need border security.>> President Trump says, he won't support a compromise on immigration, his White House says, he will. The chaos undercutting Republican efforts to put the issue to rest.>> Shameful.>> As outrage mounts over the growing number of children being taken from their parents along the Mexican border.
>> I hate the children being taken away.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Trump is distancing himself from the actions of his own administration. Saying he doesn't like how border agents are separating families that are caught trying to enter the United States. At the same time, he's coming out against an effort in Congress that would potentially end that practice.
>> Uproar over the separated families is surging, just as Congress gets ready to vote next week on the fate of immigrants who arrived as children, know as Dreamers. And the House of Representatives, Speaker Paul Ryan has been working on a compromise that would protect the Dreamers from deportation, while also delivering on one of Trump's top priorities, a wall along the Mexican border.
That's similar to other efforts that have fallen short in the past. This one also facing long odds, Democrats don't like how it would also scale back legal immigration.>> But this process is itself will guarantee that nothing gets done.>> And I do hope this passes, I think it's a very good bill, I think this is a very good compromise.
>> I want the laws to be beautiful, humane, but strong. I don't want bad people coming in, I don't want drugs coming in.>> According to some reports, that bill would also put an end to the Trump administration's new zero tolerance policy. Arresting parents who are caught at the border, putting them in jail, and putting their children in separate detention facilities like a repurposed Walmart in Brownsville, Texas.
That policy had changed from previous presidents who kept families intact. Now the White House is trying to clean up the mess, saying late in the day that Trump actually does support this immigration bill. But at this point, the damage may be done. Republicans fed up with the confusion, have stopped work on the effort.
Frustration is mounting, but it's looking less and less likely that Washington will do anything to fix immigration before the November elections.