FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2018

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>> Families in Guatemala mourned the victims of the Fuego Volcano on Thursday, as the death toll climbed to 109. Authorities have called off search and rescue teams for now because of rain and mud slide warnings. Locals in this hard hit community are struggling to cope after Fuego erupted this week, spewing deadly rivers of hot gas, rocks, and ash.
Many had no time to evacuate.>> The stones thundered down from the volcano, they went everywhere, they caused the wreck in the darkness. They didn't just cover part of the town, they blanketed the town. The eruption affected everyone.>> Authorities have admitted that the volcano alert went out late, but its less clear just whose fault it was.
The country's Volconaology Institute said they sent out warnings, but the National Disaster Agency, didn't react in time. Guatemala's public prosecutor has opened an investigation into whether protocols were followed. There are still 190 people missing after the eruption. Authority say they may send search and rescue teams back in if conditions improved.
Meanwhile, there could be another disaster in the works. The Red Cross and Red Crescent says ash has fallen over more than half the country, covering crucial agricultural areas.