FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2016

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>> There have been Islamic terrorist attacks.>> This threat is real but so is our resolve.>> Terror worries engulfing the 2015 presidential race Monday. After an anxious weekend of bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey and a mass stabbing in Minnesota. Campaign reporter, Ginger Gibson.>> It's clear that both candidates think that there is an advantage for them in how they respond to this.
Donald Trump has made much of his campaign message about strength, and about warning that America was no longer safe, and only he could fix it. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has made her foreign policy credentials and her time as Secretary of State to be one of her big selling points.
>> We will defend our country.>> Speaking before the arrest of suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, Hillary Clinton calling for cool heads. And taking a swipe at rival Donald Trump's call to ban all Muslims from entering the US.>> A lot of the rhetoric we've heard from Donald Trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular, ISIS.
Because they are looking to make this into a war against Islam.>> Donald Trump painting Clinton and President Obama as lax in their approach, predicting this will, quote, happen more and more all over the country.>> These attacks, and many others, were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system.
Which fails to properly vet and screen.>> When voters are concerned about national security, they're more inclined to vote for a Republican. And Donald Trump has demonstrated many times, that he's willing to hit the fear button. And tell people that they need to be afraid. That they should be concerned about national security, in an attempt to win some of those voters over.
>> Islamic State over the weekend referring to the attacker at a Minnesota mall who was shot and killed after stabbing eight people as a soldier of ISIS. The comments from both camps following an extraordinary 36 hours that saw a bomb explode along the route of a seaside New Jersey running race Saturday, a powerful blast in Manhattan's Chelsea district that wounded 29 people Saturday night and the detonation of one of five bombs discovered in Elizabeth, New Jersey early Monday.