FIRST AIRED: August 30, 2016

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>> A Russian military sortie from an Iranian airbase. The target for it's deadly payload, rebel held areas of Syria's divided city of Aleppo. Moscow announced it was using the base in mid-August. But a week later, Tehran announced that missions from it's Nojay airbase had stopped. Reuters Moscow Bureau Chief, Christian Lowe, says Russia's use of the base sparked a row in Iran.
>> Russia, it appears, went all out. They pushed the limits of what was militarily possible for them in order to try and defeat the rebels in Aleppo, and they haven't managed it. So what we may have seen here is the limits of Russia's military capability in Syria. We spoke to someone who's close to the Russian military who said that it's now becoming apparent that just by using air power alone, it's not going to be possible for Russia to turn the tide on the ground in Syria.
>> Russia was hoping to vanquish the rebels from Aleppo by the end of August. But the rebels have made unexpected gains lately, meaning that looks unlikely. Some in Moscow believe that Syria strikes begun last September have achieved all they can and a negotiated settlement is the best way out.
>> When it became a matter of public knowledge that Russia was basing its aircraft inside Iran, that prompted a very anxious reaction from some influential circles in Iran. The problem is that Iran is very sensitive about the presence of foreign military forces on its soil.>> Sorties from Russian bases continue, as do Syrian Army barrel bombings like this one.
A temporary truce has been agreed but not yet implemented. It can't come too soon for the besieged people of Aleppo.