FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2016

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>> Run out of loo roll. Just press a button. Need some more coffee. Press it again. Amazon launching its Dash service in Britain on Wednesday, hoping to help those who are too busy or forgetful to shop for essentials. The thumb sized Wi-Fi connections are each emblazent with the logo of the product, and just need a simple tap to order the item from user's Amazon account.
Reuters' Paul Sandle is in London.>> This system takes something that is already pretty easy, just taking out your smart phone, opening the Amazon app, and ordering a product with one click, and it makes it even easier. The service is aimed at people who buy lots one product, something that they consume on a kinda daily basis.
Maybe a large family that use a lot of say, toilet paper, drink a lot of coffee, get through a lot of razor blades, something like that. People who need stuff all the time, get through a lot of a single product. And really never want to run out of that product.
>> 48 brands are now available to Amazon Prime customers. Products include dishwasher powder and Huggies Nappies, and fun items like the foam bullets that go into Nerf toy guns and Play-Doh. The company keeps its numbers close to its chest, but in the US, where Dash has been up and running since March 2015, they say orders are rushing in quickly.
>> The actual physical button is only the first step in this whole process for Amazon. They want to take this technology and incorporate it into products already. This has started to happen so, for example, you bought a new washing machine, and it will track how much washing detergent you use.
As soon as you start getting low, the machine will automatically order for your Amazon account to Amazon. And the first thing you'll know is when you open your door, the package arrives, and the washing machine's ordered the detergent for you.>> Each button costs five pounds, and you then get money off your orders.
The days of the last minute dash to the corner shop, are well and truly numbered.