FIRST AIRED: March 1, 2018

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>> Immigration has become a dirty word ahead of Sunday's Italian election. Most parties are competing to be tough, some pledging to deport some 600,000 migrants who've arrived in the last four years. Residents of this informal camp in Rome say they're bearing the brunt. Coordinator Andrea Costa says they've been harassed.
A few nights ago, a car drew up and fired shots at the gates, no one was hurt.>> We had never problem with the citizens. They come, they help. The thing is, especially now under election, there are some extreme xenophobic, racists, fascist party, neo-fascist party who come here trying to provoke a fight.
>> Some of these extreme-right movements, although illegal, are tolerated in today's Italy. I'm Lucy Fielder reporting for Reuters from Rome, and behind me is the local party headquarters of Forza Nuova. It's openly fascist, it's anti-immigration, and it's standing candidates in the coming elections. Rome North coordinator Claudio Ciaburro says Forza Nuova members do clash with police.
But the group openly rallies and embraces fascism, something unthinkable until recently in a country haunted by Benito Mussolini's legacy. Few expect Forza Nuova's coalition to win a seat in parliament. But Ciaburro says it's gaining support in Rome's working class suburbs.>>
> An attack on black migrants in central Italy in February dragged racism into the spotlight.
And we will continue to honor the name of the Italian people. And as our Rome coordinator says, Italy can also be defended with kicks and punches. We're ready to do anything to defend our people.>>
Luca Traini, who injured six people in Macerata, had a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf and did the fascist salute before he struck. Forza Nuova has protested in support of Traini and paints him as a victim. Back at the camp, Costa says mainstream politicians also rush to blame immigration for the attack.
>> He shot from the car just because they had black skin. And the problem was immigration. It wasn't that there is a neo-fascism growing in this country. And this is crazy, because it wasn't only a far-right movement to say this. It was even our government.>> The next government may include hardline anti-immigrant parties.
Two have teamed up with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, an alliance that could take the lead.