FIRST AIRED: February 28, 2018

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>> White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks, on Tuesday refused to answer questions about her time in the White House by the House Intelligence Committee on its probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. She's the latest close advisor to President Trump to do so. Former White House aide, Steve Bannon, had also declined to answer many questions in his close door testimony to the panel Citing White House orders.
Hicks' testimony was closely watched because of a relationship to the President and his family says Reuters reporter, Ginger Gibson. Hope Hicks was one of the first campaign staffers on Donald Trump's campaign, working with him even before he announced he was running for President as part of the Trump organization.
She began as his press secretary, but is really one of his closest advisors and has been with him all along. She's of the school of thought to let Trump be Trump, and has largely encouraged the tweeting, and the type of freewill in speeches that others have criticized him for.
>> The White House Communications Director has been present during many crucial decision making moments, one such moment, reportedly of note, what role Hicks played in containing the fallout after it was revealed that Donald Trump, Jr. met with Russians in Trump Tower after they promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.
>> We know that those on the Intelligence Committee want Hicks to talk specifically about the crafting of a statement that was in response to a meeting, reports about a meeting that Donald Trump, Jr. had with a Russian attorney. Hicks was on the plane and discussing with the President the content of that statement, we have been told, and we understand that they're interested in how that statement was crafted and how it came to be the one that was released.
>> Shortly before her scheduled testimony on Tuesday, Trump took to Twitter to comment on the investigation, tweeting, witch hunt. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Russia, and Moscow has denied attempting to meddle in the US campaign.