FIRST AIRED: March 4, 2018

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>> Tiny little flowers, herbs, and microgreens all grown in the jungle of Manhattan. This is the vertical plant factory of farm one, where LED lights, water, and nutrients power up the ingredients for a culinary delicacy.>> So in this small room, which is just 1200 square feet in this farm, we can grow crops that might take a whole big field to grow.
>> Robert Lang, a former software developer, started Farm One in 2016 after tasting a paypalow leaf at a Santa Monica farmer's market which inspired him to embark on a challenge to bring fresh herbs and edible flowers to New York City's finest restaurants.>> We can harvest and deliver same day, so the product isn't sitting on a truck.
It's not in cold storage. It's super fresh, and so these chefs can really taste the difference. And it's exciting for them to taste something that's almost like in their back garden of their restaurant.>> No pesticides, chemicals, or soil used in traditional farming will touch these treasures. The company uses materials like coconut husks to prop up the plants and lady bugs and tiny parasitic wasps to keep pests away.
So how does an LED hydroponic flower taste? Un Gee Lee is the pastry chef at two star Michelin restaurant, Chung Shing.>> If it's too big the mayword flower flavor can be stronger, too much strong. That's why it should be just sliced. And if you cut. Every time they bring to us the perfect one that we want.
>> Other restaurants seeking that perfection have helped boost Farm One's business. Lang has quickly opened a second vertical farm in Manhattan and hopes to grow his business into other cities in the US and eventually around the world.