FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2018

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>> 20 ayes, 18 nays, Mr. President.>> Florida lawmakers passed a bill to raise the legal age for buying rifles to 21, imposed a three-day waiting period on all gun sales, and allowed the arming of some school employees. The bill's passage comes weeks after a massacre that killed 17 in Parkland, Florida, and marks a possible turning point in the gun control debate.
Swift action in the Republican controlled State House, where the NRA has long held sway, was propelled, in part, by the extraordinary lobbying efforts of young survivors of the shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.>> But I just can't swallow the poison pill of more guns in schools.
>> The bill overcame strenuous objections to provisions permitting school staff to carry guns on the job. Critics say that will pose a particular risk to minority students, who they say, are more likely to be shot during an argument, or if mistaken as an intruder. The bill would create a program allowing local sheriffs to deputize some school staff as volunteer armed, quote, guardians.
Though, nearly all classroom teachers are expressly excluded from participating. The measure will automatically become law within 15 days, unless vetoed by Governor Rick Scott, a staunch NRA ally who said on Wednesday prior to the vote, that he had not yet decided whether to support the bill. At his cabinet meeting on Thursday, President Trump praised the legislation.
>> And I want to congratulate the state of Florida and your representatives on some very good legislation that's been passed. I guess they've been listening to me a lot more, because unexpectedly, they passed conceal carry for some very special teachers that have a great ability with weapons and with guns.